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Binding :
Binding means asociating the values to symbols in the program code. There are two type compile time ( Static !) and runtime (synamic)

1. Compile time bindings are done at compile time, thus all the symbols are resolved at compile time, This increases the compile time thugh u can see some run time performance increases ( generally its the load time). Here things are static and the code generated by compiler is ready to load at a relative memory area and the start executing.

2. runtime binding or dynamic binding, where the bindings are delayed to load time or run time. the symbols will be resolved at load time or run time so that the extern declarations and other external linking can be allowed. This may add small extra time in execution of the progrm ( May be loading ).

compile time binding is when datatypes are checked when the code is compiled

runtime binding is when datatypes are not checked until the compiled code actually runs and therefore requires the programmer to be more formal and strict in variable assignment

source : http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20060722082832AAC4KKx
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