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 have met a strange problem when I used Eclipse to create a new Android project today, it remained me “An SDK Target must be specified” and Android SDK targets selection list in “Build Target” window “disappeared”.

Searched by Google, most of answers for this “An SDK Target must be specified” problem showed that I should go to “Windows->Android SDK and AVD Manager” in Eclipse and click on “Installed Packages” and then “Update All”. But that’s not my problem, I have used the Eclipse to program with Android long ago and every thing is OK till today. So I continued to search and finally on the Rowan Crane’s Blog I found the resolved method, it is just to change the font size in Eclipse:

Window / Preferences / General / Appearance / Basic / Colours and Fonts

Change “Text Font” and “Dialog Font” to a smaller value, dropping from 10 to 8 or smaller number maybe helped.

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is caused a good 30 mins head scratching. When creating a new Android project in Eclipse it is not possible to progress past the initial screen as it complains “an SDK target must be specified”.  In the window you will see “Build Target” but no box listing your installed Android Versions. The area of the window normally looks something like this.

But for unlucky you, it looks like this.

Providing you know Eclipse is aware of where your SDKs live, the solution is simply to change the font size in eclipse.

Window / Preferences / General / Appearance / Colours and Fonts

Change “Text Font” and “Dialog Font” to a smaller value, dropping from 10 to 8 helped me.

Now for the rant: The “New Android Test Project” dialogue does not suffer this problem, because there aren’t as many UI elements on screen. It wouldn’t surprise me if this is a simple code error somewhere, exacerbated by the fact that most developers aren’t working on “funny” resolutions, such as my widescreen 13″ XPS M1210 Laptop.

Simply put you’d hope the application would ensure all UI components were properly displayed. At the end of the day such schoolboy-error fiddly problems are what put people off IT and software development. There seem to be a fair few people moaning about this one, so whilst buuuuuuuuugs happen I hope someone somewhere is suitably embarrassed…

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